Our homes should be a haven where we are most comfortable and can safely breathe. Every day, we are inevitably exposed to toxic airborne pollutants - even if we're inside our homes. Fortunately, there are various things we can do to keep our cozy retreats breathable (and even spacious!).

Read on to learn more.


1. Declutter and get organized

Take a good look at your home - especially at clutter hotspots like surfaces, tables, unused chairs, and even your storage like cupboards, shelves, and wardrobes. If you think your stuff is getting out of hand or notice that the things you don't use anymore are piling up, you may need to declutter.

"Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful," author Francine Jay says in her book "The Joy of Less."

Then, organize what you have left. Double-check if all your stuff is in the right place. To quote the minimalist author once again, "Surfaces are not for storage. Rather, surfaces are for activity and should be kept clear." This is also how you open up your space to new activities and experiences that matter.


2. Maximize Storage

Choose furniture that serves multiple purposes such as items that double as storage. Take advantage of your walls, too, by using floating shelves, which take up no floor space at all. If you have a stairway, you can utilize the area under it by incorporating drawers.

3. Let the light in

Biophilic homes bathed in natural light are welcoming, comforting, and, most of all, breathable. So, when designing or renovating your space, be mindful of how you can maximize the natural light. Opt for window blinds and curtains that allow light to easily pour into your home yet still able to block the harmful UV radiation from the sun. This also minimizes your electric consumption.


4. Keep the air moving

A breathable home is free of stagnant air. For a healthy indoor environment, proper air ventilation is a must. Here are some ways we can do it:

  • Invite the fresh, natural air inside your home by opening your doors and windows as much as possible. Late nights and early mornings are the best times for this routine.
  • Use non-toxic cleaners that don't contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). For everyday use, work with homemade all-purpose cleaners (mix one-part water, one-part white vinegar, and lemon rind). Only reach for heavy-duty formulas for deep cleaning or when tackling stubborn stains - and use them in well-ventilated areas of the house.
  • Clean and change your filters regularly, whether in air conditioners, air purifiers, or vacuums.
  • Invest in vacuums and air purifiers with high-efficiency air particulate absorbing or HEPA filters, which trap VOCs and airborne allergens.
  • Consider installing a ceiling fan to improve airflow whether or not windows are open.


5. Groom your pets regularly

Pet dander can be one of the culprits of your family's allergic reactions or respiratory problems. Ensure you brush and groom your pet's coat properly and regularly. Vacuum your carpet, floors, and furnishings to boot.

Take life to greener heights

It's best to live closer to nature, in a neighborhood that values expanses of greenery, clean air, and accessibility. With Filinvest, you can lead a healthier, more holistic lifestyle because here, dreams are built green. As we stay attuned to the changing lifestyles of Filipinos, we continue to build the Filipino dream with sustainable, future-forward principles that ensure healthy and quality living in the new normal and beyond.

We believe that the way forward is always green - and this is our inspiration as we craft more homes and communities.

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